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Emergency Plumbing Services in Wetaskiwin and Surrounding Areas

When you need emergency plumbing services in Wetaskiwin and surrounding areas, turn to Tom's Town & Country Plumbing & Gasfitting for help. From new plumbing installation to repairs, replacements and renovations, our journeyman plumbers provide timely service at competitive rates. We have a strong policy of recycling on every job site and ensure your property is cleaner than when we started. Contact us to discuss your plumbing needs and schedule a service.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Tom's Town & Country Plumbing & Gasfitting has been helping residential and commercial clients across Wetaskiwin with reliable plumbing services for over 40 years. We stand by a long tradition of making our customers happy by showing up on time, respecting your home and providing you with an upfront, no-obligation quote. We can help you with:


One of the worst nightmares that we can have is that of a clogged toilet or a toilet that won’t flush, and you watch the water rising to the top edge of your toilet bowl. Scary as it sounds, you can relax and call our plumbing experts for excellent drainage unclogging and backup services.


When you start noticing a foul smell emanating from your sewer lines and the sink doesn’t drain easily, it’s time you call the sewer cleaning professionals. Broken pipes, tree roots and debris such as toilet paper can clog your sewer lines. At Tom's Town & Country Plumbing & Gasfitting, we’re committed to unclog your sewers and ensure that everything flows perfectly. Our team will thoroughly inspect the problem before recommending any solutions.


Garburators are an asset to all kitchen owners. Not only do they help us dispose of food scraps, but they also minimize clogs in the drains and sewers by breaking down kitchen waste into smaller pieces so that it can flow through the pipes easily. However, sometimes these machines get clogged as well, and you might need professional help in clearing them. If you find your garburator overflowing or has stopped working altogether, contact our expert team.


Wading your way through leaky taps and busted pipes? As a homeowner, you know that burst pipes can lead to costly problems such as high water bills and property damage. Freezing temperatures, wear and tear, and even invasive tree roots can cause pipes to burst. Don’t worry; our skilled technicians are here to help you! We have wide industry experience to help you fix these problems right the first time. We can inspect, repair and replace your pipes.


Got a leak in your hot water tank? Worried about flooded rooms and dysfunctional electronics? Tom's Town & Country Plumbing & Gasfitting can help! Whether you need to repair your heating systems or replace it with a new one, we can help you with both. Besides, our team of plumbing contractors will also help you choose energy-efficient hot water tanks, water-saving toilets, tankless hot water heaters and more.


Problems such as slow draining water, lack of hot water, low water pressure or clogged drains can lead to bigger, expensive issues. Prevent high water bills and floor damage with our help. We can fix constantly running toilets, leaky shower heads, cracked surfaces and more easily!


It’s never too late to call us for emergency plumbing services. Available at all days a week, our licensed and experienced plumbers will be on-site as soon as possible for any urgent plumbing needs. Some of the emergency problems that you might encounter at home include sewage backup, clog removal, faucet malfunction and more.

Brands We Carry

We carry products from brands such as Payne, Carrier, Moen, Delta and Rudd for all our installation and replacements jobs.

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Our experienced team, quality services and competitive prices are just a few reasons why we’ve been successful for over 40 years!

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